How to mould the World Flair mouth guard?


The World Flair mouth guard is thermoformable. That means that it adapts to your jaw for extra safety during your games.

But before you go to the game you will need to do some work to make your mouth guard fit the shape of your jaw.

Let's get started!

The preparation:

Before you start, you will need to fill two bowl with water. The first one with warm water, the second one with cold water (cold water with ice cubes is even better).

Make sure you have a pan, big enough to hold your mouth guard, and fill it with water to cover the mouth guard completely.

Bring the water to a boil and take a pair of pliers.

The procedure:

Once the water boils, immerse your mouth guard in the water for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

At the end of this time, take the mouth guard out with your pliers and dip it in your bowl of warm water for 3 seconds to avoid burning your tongue.

Grasp the mouth guard and insert it into your mouth with the object intended for. For the best results, bit down firmly the mouth guard so that it's as close as possible to your teeth. To do this, press your cheeks with your hands and alternate the position of your jaw: Bite for a few seconds with the front of your jaw and a few seconds with the back. Repeat these small movements several times for 20 seconds.

Then, press the mouth guard against your palate for 10 seconds.

Once the operation is finished, soak your mouth guard in your bowl of cold water for 2 minutes.

That's it, now all you have to do is try your mouth guard!

If you don't like the moulding, you can repeat the operation.

The utilisation:

Just put your mouth guard before each of your game and trainings!

If after a few months you feel that your mouth guard adheres less to your jaw, repeat the procedure.





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