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What is the purpose of rugby head guard?



Rugby head guards are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to protect the head from blows by spreading the impact over a larger surface area of the head and thereby reducing impact.

The World Flair rugby head guard, for adults and children,is made of stretch EVA foam and polyester lycra. It attaches to the chin with a velcro fastener to adjust the head guard to your head.

Why wear a rugby head guard?

Rugby head guards are designed to protect your head from blows and injuries. Thanks to the World Flair rugby head guard, your ears and scalp will be protected.

To a lesser extent, the World Flair head guard reduces the risk of concussion and head trauma by reducing the impact. However, no head guard provides 100% protection against this type of injury. So be careful of your head!

How to choose your rugby head guard?

In order to choose the right rugby head guard, it must fit your head without choking you too much.

To find out if a rugby head guard fits you, simply close the strap at the chin and try to move it to the left or right.

Feelig tight? Take the waist just above and try again.

Your head guard moves to the left or right? Take the waist just below and try again.

Your head guard doesn't move and you don't feel to tight? Congratulations, you have found your rugby head guard size!

The World Flair rugby head guard fits all head with sizes from S to XL.

How to clean up your rugby head guard?

To preserve the foam inside the rugby head guard, it's important to respect some maintenance rules.

Ideally, clean you head guard by hand with cold water, making sure to close the velcro beforehand so as not to damage it.

You can also clean your head guard in the washing machine, using a cold-water cycle and closing the velcro before cleaning.

After washing, dry your head guard in the open air in a dry, ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Don't tumble dry!

It is compulsory to wear a head guard in rugby?

Wearing a rugby head guard is not compulsory but brings safety and comfort by reducing the impact on the ears and scalp.

However, they are not very effective against the risks of concussion and head trauma.

The safest way to protect your head is therefore to be careful. Don't be less careful because you are wearing a rugby head guard!

If you choose to wear a rugby helmet, make sure your helmet complies with the IRB/World Rugby rule: "A player may wear headgear made of soft and thin materials provided that no part of the headgear is thicker than 1cm when uncompressed and no part of the headgear has a density of more than 45 kilograms per cubic metre.".





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